Rendering Engine
Architecture Conference
A conference about the craft of real-time rendering systems

REAC is the premier venue to discuss the practice and state of the art of crafting real-time 3d rendering engines. It is an independent, zero-budget, no-sponsor virtual conference, born as a REACtion to the conferences we are used to attend.
Organized by a small team of industry professionals who are passionate about our community, it punches above its weight by presenting each year insights from the top development studios and new ideas from emerging talent.


Mission Statement:

We aim to provide an open and inclusive venue to discuss the “behind the scenes” aspects of rendering that are often key to the success of a product (game, platform, movie…) and organisation.

We use the term “architecture” to encompass all of the reasoning that leads to the design of a Rendering Engine, from the motivation behind choices made to the code that draws the final image on screen.

For example:
Mastery of these aspects is typically relegated to hard won experience of people who had the (mis)fortune of living through many projects.

Our mission is to provide space for this knowledge to be shared in public.

Program Committee: